Covid-19 Restricted Work Pratice

As per the recent Government restriction to work, we have updated our advisory note as per below, this form will need to be filled out and signed prior to any work commencing.

We will be restricting our work to specifically prioritize our customers in essential services category. We will continue to work in-house on machine builds and attend site to support our customers under the following criteria only:

  • Customer needs to declare they are an essential service.
  • Customer needs to declare that the visit is essential for their production.
  • Customer needs to declare that social distancing is being practiced & enforced.

It is our responsibility to protect our employees, and to reassure both customers/suppliers and the vulnerable in our community that we are acting in a responsible manner, we are asking all our employees to follow proper hand hygiene, strictly practice social distancing, avoid public transport, avoid handling money wherever possible. Stay at home other than for sustenance & to support essential services.


Stay safe….

Click on below Link for full form in PDF

ALS Labelling Solutions Covid 19 advisory V2